Payments - Payment configuration and troubleshooting can be tricky. Discuss those and other payment-related topics here.

New Posts Having issues on post backs from payment processor with custom payment method1295
error displaying when user is redirected back to HotCakes portal after payment complettion

New Posts Payment Gateway Integration Help/Suggestions1316
Need assistance with an action plan regarding integrating with a payment gateway

New Posts Fast Paypal Checkout button don't apply Shipping fees3620
Paypal Payment button in the checkout step 1

New Posts Add processing fee for credit card payments1613
charge processing fee when customer pay through credit card

New Posts Amazon Pay1501
Is Amazon Pay provider available for Hotcakes commerce?

New Posts cart nor working81,343
after items are in cart error is given after clicking paypal link

New Posts Paypal Error1778
Paypal Checkout Error
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