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We’ve designed the Hotcakes Dashboard to be exceptionally user-friendly. You can confidently review and evaluate data and assess your store’s performance with meaningful metrics that drive action. Instantly see and understand pertinent data, and share those valuable insights with your whole team. Then, get on with your day.

We created the Hotcakes product as a tool for sales success. We are well-aware of the many hurdles, hang-ups and hassles that come up throughout the day which is why we’ve prioritized flexibility, customization, and ease of use. Our mobile app allows monitoring on-the-go so that best practice can be ensured anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Consumers benefit from Hotcakes as a result of our tailored suggestions. Hotcakes was designed to maximize sales as well as elevate customer satisfaction. Bundles, discounts, intuitive search features, and loyalty programs will establish a faithful customer base. Quick and easy checkout from any device, with no account necessary, gives shoppers the freedom to enjoy their buying experience no matter where they are. Reduce cart abandonment and make online shopping fun again!

Hotcakes was built with ease of implementation as a priority. We understand the needs and wants of creative professionals. Whether your team chooses to use one of our templates, or to draft a fully customized design, our product supports the creative process. A beautiful, responsive, and efficient site is the result.

Developers are innovative and intelligent professionals with great ideas to offer, but they are often too swamped with code to share their special skills. We’ve worked to reduce ramp up time by supplying videos, documentation, and sample Visual Studio solutions. That way, valuable members of your team aren’t wasting their time and talents.

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Here at Hotcakes, we understand what it takes to run an online store… because we’ve done it. That’s why we are so excited to have created a simple and efficient solution that provides powerful and predictive analysis which allows proactivity. Hotcakes is your very own personal business consultant, who regularly gives you detailed and practical suggestions. But, the price tag is a whole lot lower!

Managed Cloud Hosting & SLA Available

Your online store is important to everyone involved. So why would you trust it living in an environment run by people who don't know the application? Managed Cloud Hosting & SLA Support Plans are available for Hotcakes Commerce. You can visit our Services page for more information. 

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The shoppers of today want to make purchases from everywhere and anywhere. All over the world. Any time of day. That's what you can offer them with Hotcakes, on day one. A store they can use anytime, on any device.

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