Everyone s Hotcakes

We’ve designed the Hotcakes Dashboard to be exceptionally user-friendly. You can confidently review and evaluate data and assess your store’s performance with meaningful metrics that drive action. Instantly see and understand pertinent data, and share those valuable insights with your whole team. Then, get on with your day.

Data-Driven Fact Bank

Analyzing your performance and interpreting data will give you insights that shape your store’s success. Our product/category performance feature allows you to track what is working and what you may need to tweak. You can easily and visually interpret that valuable information across both categories and products, making it an indispensable part of your decision-making processes.

Dashboards that Grow Your Business

Our dashboard is both comprehensive and user-friendly in a way that you just won’t see elsewhere. Nearly every other dashboard out there is full of “vanity metrics” that you don’t need. Our insights and analysis are just as valuable as they are easy to understand.

Reports that You can Trust

You are busy and wear a lot of hats. You don’t have time to analyze data that we can interpret for you. Our reports give you everything that you need to see, with the click of a button, so that you can run your business, rather than crunch numbers. Easily, share information with your team members.

Cash in When They Check Out

Customers can’t buy products which they have not discovered. Our product discovery features are the best way to encourage them to find things that they love.

Automatically Related Products

Allow customers to do the work for you. Our data-driven auto-relate feature relies on live customer behavior. It requires nothing of you. It just works.

Feature Products, Move Inventory

Add your “Featured Products” view to any specific page. Offload some inventory, promote a clearance sale, or upsell your merchandise.

Keep your Customers on Course

Abandoned carts are the bane of your existence, aren’t they? Well, we know the feeling. That is why we include the “Last Viewed Product” feature in our software. Lead them right back to where they started.

Customer Searches: Quick, Easy and Efficient

Not all customers have time to “shop around.” They want to get in and get out with what they need. When trying to serve these busy customers, our search/category facets become a feature that you just can’t do without.

Help Customers Discover New Products

Help customers discover the things that they need or want. Created with the data, “Top 10” and “Top Weekly” lists create opportunities for your customers to find new things that they can’t live without.

Technically Speaking…

You may not be technologically gifted, but you do know how to run an e-commerce store. We have created a product that you can trust to work, every time.

  • Software that Your Business Can Trust

    Microsoft-based software is user-friendly and recognizable. There is no learning curve. Not an MS-user? Don’t worry! Our software is compatible with other systems, as well.

    Oh, and did we mention it's all open source? Awesome, right?

  • Integrate Anything, Compromise Nothing

    You want to run your business in a way that works best for you and your team. We are here to help you do that and our e-commerce CMS integrates with anything from your ERM to your automated email system.

  • Security and Compliance

    We have done everything on our end to create a product that meets all of the security standards of PCI compliance. Our product was built using the PA-DSS development standards. You can rest easy knowing that payment application software vendors and data storage are all up to snuff.

Technically Speaking…
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