Merchants Hotcakes

We created the Hotcakes product as a tool for sales success. We're well-aware of the many hurdles, hang-ups and hassles that come up throughout the day which is why we’ve prioritized flexibility, customization, and ease of use. Our mobile app allows monitoring on-the-go so that best practice can be ensured anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Promotions That Anyone
Can Manage

Create promotions that will drive traffic, allow you to upsell to customers or help you to clear out some old inventory. Our promotional tools make it easier than ever for anyone on your team to run a successful campaign.

Order Management, Simplified

Hotcakes equips you with everything that you need to place or edit orders. Process payments and shipping automatically, edit line items, change quantities or shipping methods and much more. Oh, and you can take orders over the phone too!

Loyalty That You Can Quantify

Loyal customers drive sales and introduce newcomers to your brand. Hotcakes is fully capable of supporting loyalty programs that will affect the bottom line. Affiliate programs are also easier than ever to manage, helping your referral business.

Ship to Anyone, Anywhere, Any Way That You Want

Out-of-the box, Hotcakes supports most of the most commonly used shipping methods. In addition, you can customize and add new shipping methods. It’s incredibly easy to configure, and just as simple to use.

Accurate & Easy Taxes With Any Provider

Merchants can create and manage tax schedules with our directly integrated Avatax product. As certified partners of Avalara, we have created software that is incredibly user-friendly, accurate and fast. Don’t want to use Avatax? No problem. You can integrate with any tax provider, or create your own tax schedule manually. It is totally up to you.

Use Any Payment Method, Or Customize Your Own

From good old fashioned Cash on Delivery to the latest greatest payment APIs, it can all be done with Hotcakes. If you would prefer, you can use our extension points to augment existing payment options or add your own. We have it all covered.

Something That They
Can't Live Without

Shoppers love to create wish lists for a variety of reasons from convenience, holiday shopping or simply to remember what they love. Our software makes it easy for customers to compile their shopping lists and save them for later.

Product Management

We’ve Got What You Need

Multiple images allow you to display products creatively

Give your customers the best possible product images and display your merchandise in a plethora of exciting ways. From zoom to 3D images and everything in between. Hotcakes will support you in creating the best possible product pages.

Customers can easily and quickly download digital products

Whether you are selling software, marketing videos, or simply want to give customers access to product manuals, you can add all sorts of downloadable products to your site. Hotcakes makes the process simple and user-friendly for both you, and your consumers.

Intuitive Inventory Management

Who has time to figure out how to manage inventory? You can easily hide products or prevent purchases when inventory is low, or out of stock – in mere moments.

Create bundles that drive sales

Creating bundles is a fantastic way to market similar products to raise your store revenue. However, it is important that you create the right bundles. With Hotcakes, you will get advice on which items to bundle, and then bundle those items with ease.

Create and configure membership products

Selling memberships is an ideal way to allow customers to access valuable content. Hotcakes is fully capable of helping you to create and customize memberships. Choose different levels of memberships and control what types of benefits that they will have.

Gift card sales are simpler than ever

Gift card sales are a great way to bring in profit. Gift cards are a great way to reach new customers and draw back loyal consumers, as well. Hotcakes makes gift card sales easy for both you and your buyers.

Inventory replenishment ensures up-to-date inventory

Keeping up with inventory can be a huge time-suck and give even the most detail-oriented merchant a migraine. Our inventory features take the headache out of the process. Inventory replenishment keeps your inventory up-to-date so that you can worry about other things.

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