Designers Hotcakes

Hotcakes was built with ease of implementation as a priority. We understand the needs and wants of creative professionals. Whether your team chooses to use one of our templates or to draft a fully customized design, our product supports the creative process. A beautiful, responsive, and efficient site is the result.

Total Creative Control

Designers want to design! And, with Hotcakes, you can do just that. The aesthetic, style and branding of your site can be fully customized and controlled by you. You’re only limited by your creativity!

Themes, Your Way

We supply you with some great themes to get you started. You can use one straight out of the box, edit it to make it your own, or forget them altogether and start from scratch. You have total control over what your customers see, based on your own criteria. If you can think it, Hotcakes can make it happen.

Responsive Mobile Design
Out of the Box

Responsive design makes the designer’s job so much easier. We do the legwork for you so that you can concentrate on creating brilliant and beautiful design elements that will help your brand stand out from the competition.
Responsive Mobile Design Out of the Box

Simply Standards Based

Our templates are standards based and super simple to use. Because they are not proprietary, you can spend less time learning a new template system or invented languages, so that you can spend more time doing your job.

Infinite Options for
Images & Swatches

Give your customers all of their options in a beautiful and efficient manner. You can allow them to view your products from every angle, as well as in every color, pattern and style. The options and creative possibilities are endless.
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