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New Posts Triggering upgrade to v3.1.o0535
How do I trigger the upgrade.

New Posts What is the best (official) place to download installer/upgrade zips2706
Now that everything's on Github... it doesn't seem to have the newest releases?
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New Posts Upgrading from Hotcakes 1x or 2x to Hotcakes 3x (Module Version) +171,183
What is the best process to upgrade from older Hotcakes w/in an existing HC + DNN instance?

New Posts Multilanguage issue!1576
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New Posts Release of Hotcakes V 3.0.1 Timeframe +1264,020 
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how soon is "soon" ?

New Posts Are there new Debug Symbols for HCC 3.x ?0352
Is there a new Debug Symbols zip file for the new HCC?

New Posts Role entry issue3864
After Successful installation of Hotcakes not create roles in role table.

New Posts Role creation issue0355
setup successfull install but not create roles
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