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New Posts Error with QuickAddSku vs AddSku1423
The most bizarre symptoms of an error when using QuickAddSku vs AddSku after Hotcakes 3.5.0 upgrade

New Posts Order Transactions in Hotcakes REST API41,731
Do order transactions process payments?

New Posts Hotcakes and Child Portals112,168

New Posts Store with multiple options41,104
How to make store sell services to multiple physical shops

New Posts Views manager in staging instance is populating Production instance Viewsets31,115
Extensibility and Views manager pointing to file explorer of different instance of the website

New Posts Script to remove Tables and SP's from database?2894
Is there a sql script to perform this function.

New Posts HCC Module installed DNN 9.1.161,820
Not working as expected

New Posts HCC And DotnetNuke21,352
HCC As Module of DNN

New Posts Can we have checkboxes for users to filter categories61,522
Adding 'checkboxes' to categories for filtering products

New Posts HCC 3 ties to CMS51,405

New Posts Installation Documentation1919
Instructions on how to set up Hotcakes
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