Extension Points (Store-Related) - Discuss any non-designer extension point in this forum (e.g., order workflow, action delegate pipeline, payment providers, etc.).
New Posts Apply Vat earlier7333
Apply Vat earlier

New Posts Custom Shipper3433

New Posts Price Groups and REST API1274
Is there a way to add/update products with Price Group pricing using the REST API

New Posts How to save shopping cart items in the database3534
Can I change\add new options for the "Save Shopping Cart To"

New Posts Categories on search results0164
Is possible include also categories as products on search results?

New Posts ADPIP CartIntegration not triggered0179
CartIntegration is not triggered when skipping cart view

New Posts API return error21831 
1 2

New Posts context.Inputs empty in custom workflow1311
Username is generated for new DNN user account instead of using textbox username

New Posts Paypal Payment Method - SOAP vs. REST API1326
It appears that Hotcakes is using a deprecated method of talking to Paypal API

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