Donald Johansson
Hey, I just launched a new site with Hotcakes and saw that the page with the product details did not load as secure. I checked the code, and it appears the additional images loads with the http:// prefix instead of https.

Has anyone else noticed this? I checked out a few sites in the showcase and saw the same thing on those, so I don't think it's a problem with my customization.

This appears to affect any value that is populated using @altImg. Does anyone have any suggestion where to go to fix this?
Hi Donald,

I've come across a similar issue, I couldnt find a fix so I just wrote on the end of the image tag .Replace("http:", "https:")

<a href="@altImg.MediumlUrl.Replace("http:", "https:")">
<img src="@altImg.MediumlUrl.Replace("http:", "https:")" alt="@altImg.MediumlAltText" />

Seemed to have worked. Im sure there are better solutions.
Donald Johansson
Thank you Gilderroot! That did the trick. All pages on my site are displaying as secure now.
Will Strohl
In order to fully be SSL'd on your website, you'll need to "enforce" SSL in both DNN and Hotcakes Commerce.

Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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