Currently, when using FedEx for shipping provider, if a user's shipping address isn't correct or isn't found by Fed Ex, instead of displaying an order-stopping message, the user is allowed to continue forward placing an order in which shipping will be calculated by the store later and added onto the order.

It displays a message of "Shipping/Handling: To Be Determined. Contact Store for Details"

This is causing problems for one of our clients when it is missed by either the customer or the store owner, so we wanted to see about changing the message from the current
"To Be Determined. Contact Store for Details"
to something more verbose such as
"Final Shipping Cost To Be Determined: FedEx could not determine a shipping address. You will be contacted to review shipping options."

This might seem extremely long, but it helps both parties clearly see the situation with shipping and that the order should not be filled until shipping is added to the order.

I've done a quick scan through the interface and then through the HC database tables but didn't find it. Where is this message stored? Is it in editable code? or is it within compiled code, or perhaps a message that is specifically returned by the FedEx service?
Will Strohl

Your suggested text is far too specific to a single shipping provider to include as a core change or pull request, but I'm sure that this message could potentially be improved.

If anyone has a great idea for a better way to say this, they could do a pull request against the following file. 

You'd, of course, need to following the typical Git path of forking and doing a pull request. :)

As for changing the text for your implementation today, you can do that in your viewset. Find the following localization file and update the value for the "ToBeDetermined.Text" key.

Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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Perfecto Will!

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