Jordan King

I have a client who wants to charge shipping based on the size of the product being sold and the country the product is being sold to.

For example:
Product Size (in) -----Shipping Flat Cost ------Region
2x12x36 --------------- $40.00 ------------------- Canada
2x12x36 --------------- $60.00 ------------------- US
2x24x60 --------------- $55.00 ------------------- Canada
2x24x60 --------------- $90.00 ------------------- US
So the shipping cost would be calculated based of the shipping zone/region and the product size
Or is there a way to hack the weight field to do this.
Before I dig to deep, I am just wondering if this is even possible?

Thanks In Advance

I'd like to see what others suggest here too.

We've had to do a few creative things with products and shipping costs and/or product discounts and there are a few ways you could approach it.

When there have been some one-off changes (or pricing that affects just a handful of products), then we have setup copies of a product that cost more and has shipping/handling described in the product cost. We then only show that product/hide the other from specific users or Roles.

If users are registered or you create them and set them to roles, then this might be a quick approach. But, again, only manageable for a handful of items... messy if there are dozens or more.

Otherwise, where we have Hotcakes instances where they have US vs Canada type differences, especially for shipping costs, then we've approached it by building a custom Order Workflow and Checkout page that evaluates the shipping based on the user and address on record for them, giving them some options/costs for shipping if they are US vs Canada.

Ultimately, that's the more correct, robust way to approach it.

Let us know if you'd like a hand or would like to take a look at how we've approached it.

- Ryan
Will Strohl
You can set different shipping methods to appear for different shipping zones. I'd suggest setting your shipping zones first, then create shipping methods that are associated to each of those zones as a start. This will be true, no matter which shipping method(s) you choose to use.

Documentation: Shipping Zones 

Shipping Methods 
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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