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I'd like to know if is it possible customize different payments method for different products.
For example I want for ProductA allow Paypal and for ProductB Company Account.
If it is possible I'd like also know if I can setup two different Company Account, one matched with ProductA the other with ProductB
Will Strohl
The current architecture would not allow this in a single order - only in two different orders. When we've had to do something like this before, we've used the custom viewset and action delegate pipeline extension points to notify customers and enforce it.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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2021-08-24T14:10:50Z . There are thousands of apps out there. Every business needs to find the ones that are unique and still very useful to their customers. Your team should be able to find apps that will allow users to access your products or services across multiple devices. The number of devices users have will vary depending on what types of services or products they offer. A good developer will have no problem figuring out how to create unique apps for different devices.
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