First of all the login to the admin of the hotcakeseshop insists to be done via localhost and not via assigned with licence address.

This, apart from the inconvenience that makes login impossible unless one is with a remote (rdp) session to the server, is that all images uploaded are linked to the localhost thus cannot be displayed. (First-Past-the-Post)---CEM-(Durham-University)

Another issue that one encounters is that for the second product we manually inserted in the eshop all the links generated have this form: 

that is the link is broken because the ?slug= is missing.

A second bug that was noted is when changing the order of the Product Type Properties in the Product type. In our case we added Subject Property last, we later wanted to bring it to appear first. We go to the page, bring it to the top with the drag and drop functionality, but the choice is not updated after saving it.

Another issue we are faced is that we are an e-bookshop and we do not have manufacturers but publishers. How do we change the wording of manufacturers to publishers?

Another feature that we like to have is additional filters for searching. For example our existing e-shop has an age-suitability criteria. e.g. each book is appropriate for a certain age. What is the optimal way for the designer of the eshop to accommodate for such a requirement so that a search filter can be applied.

In addition we have custom fields that are global to all our products such as ISBN-10, ISBN-13, Number of Questions (in a e-paper), Format, Date Published. How can we have this information in our (main) product template?

I noted, added these product type properties and looks fine. However, the new (custom) properties appear at the very end of the page. We would like to appear on top. (together with SKU, Quantity and Price)

It is not clear if the Subjects (of the books, software, apps, sessions offered) will need to be Shared Choices or Properties in Product Types.

When defining new product type properties there is an option of them to be searchable. However, we cannot see them in the search page (as drop downs). We only see a new drop down for the Product Types.  ) has been linked with a download. An order has been completed yet, it was impossible for us to find (as customers) where the download is that we just bought. Any suggestions?

We would like to define not only the proper address of the eshop (eg. eshop.elevenplusexams.co.uk instead of localhost) but also to change the hotcakesstore virtual directory to something else.

Finally, it will be great if one points to us the documentation on where we change the Category view and how we customise the page so that we can re-arrange the elements in the page.

I feel that all these issues have been faced by any user of the 1.10.04 for the first time and it will be great to have a response to address all of those in one thread.

Thank you. Dimitris.
Following a couple of days of experimentation the good news are that it appears that we did manage to organise the products to the required categories and made use of the available functionality which is great. (First-Past-the-Post)---CEM-(Durham-University) 

The issues that remain as the following:

- Each image path is still linked\hardcoded to localhost - so it does not appear when called from anywhere else .

The site is going to be updated to DNN 9.0.2 (from the existing DNN v7) and the eshop front is not working (whereas we managed to make the administration work)  (one needs to register in order to see the store front). The backend (apart from the import of products via Excel is working fine).

Finally, the issues that remain have to do with the delivery of the ebooks (still haven't figure out how one gets access to those after he pays) and the handling of subscriptions. Ok, lets say his buys the x subscription how do we generate the workflow to the e-service that will grant him access to the subscription (access to certain pages by assuming a role for certain period of time)? Also there are needs of sending a token to another site that fulfils the orders (either dispatching physical object or giving access to their own services).

I wonder that since we are eventually going to opt for the hosted solution if we can have a trial version of 2 which is compatible with DNN 9 in order to do our custom development there.
Will Strohl
Hello Dimitris:

Thank you for your posts in the forums. Unfortunately, the way you posted everything you're wanting help with makes it impossible to help you. Please break out each issue into a specific post so that each one can be addressed directly and the forum conversation can take place.

Also, it's worth noting that some of what you're asking about appears to be old bugs that have been fixed in more recent releases. I'd suggest first upgrading your Hotcakes instance to use the most recent version of Hotcakes, if you haven't done so already. Since you're on a 1.xx license, that version would be 01.10.04. If you need the latest upgrade package, please create a support request with your account information, and we'll provide it to you.

Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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I have upgraded to 1.0.4 since last week, via the extension functionality.

It appears to me that the best path, since we are going to work on DNN 9 and host the eshop with you, is to be offered a trial licence of the latest version, upgrade to this version, migrate our products, develop the workflows and then move it to your server.

It will be great if you can consider this approach the same way that you have offered trials in the past.

This approach will help us all save time. I think I have taken too much of your time and I am truly greatful for all your support.
Will Strohl
Hello Dimitris:

Thank you for your feedback and follow-up post. We only provide upgrade packages through our support area. You can create a support request at any time for any specific upgrade or other distribution packages. However, I think you're on a version 1.xx license. We won't be able to provide you with a CMS 9.xx compatible package until you are a version Hotcakes version 2.xx licensed customer. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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