Alex Pommier
Hello Will,

I've run into some odd numbers on the checkout screen when implementing the VAT rules in hotcakes back-end.

From your doc's it states that the product prices should include the VAT amount, and the store will reverse-engineer the values based on the tax schedule's added into the back-end.

I've tested this on the website we're having problems with that has some customizations to the checkout page & a clean hotcakes install on a separate DNN instance just to rule out any customizations interfering with the hotcakes VAT rules.

I've entered in a product with a price of $100. Setup a tax schedule of 10% and applied it to my product. On checkout I would expect to see the product total to be $100, where the 10% would be deducted from the $100 so the item's price would be $90 and the VAT tax $10.

On the checkout screen it's showing me $110 for the total so it looks like its doing an addition instead of subtraction. I've tested with VAT on/off but the calculation looks the same regardless of VAT being on or off. It's looks like VAT on is only adding an additional line item to the checkout summary.
Will Strohl
Could you please confirm the version of Hotcakes and DNN you're doing this on? Thanks! 🙂
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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Alex Pommier
DNN 9.7.1 - Hotcakes 3.4.1
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