Parthiv Pandya
1. As of now Hotcakes does not provide functionality of applying promotion codes for user supplied price. We have user supplied price and we also want promo code. We have done some work around that applies promotion code but in that another issue occurs that when application pool recycle sub total value set to zero and when we revert our workaround subtotal does not change to zero value. So our workaround is not a perfect solution for our requirement.
2. Also, When we enabled promo code for both offer price and shipping, Offer price promo code not working(It is working fine when no shipping promo code enabled).


Could you please check and provide your feedback and let us know if you need more details.
moslem pasokh
14 day is passed and no new response! is HCC died ? what is road map for this module ?
Will Strohl
Originally Posted by: moslem pasokh 

14 day is passed and no new response! is HCC died ? what is road map for this module ?

Your trolling comment is greatly unappreciated and any future negativity will result in your account being permanently banned from the community.

Hotcakes Commerce has had several releases recently and a lot of activity on GitHub. There is no guarantee of a response or resolution in a community forum. If you wish to have a guaranteed response time, please consider subscribing to a Hotcakes Commerce support plan instead.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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