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They had the setting of "use email as username" turned on and were having issues with users not being able to reset their password. So we enabled the "require unique email address" setting to fix that problem.

However, now they are seeing an issue in the cart/checkout where it won't create new users. They get a message saying the email is already associated with an account - even though it's not in the system at all.

Do you know of a quick fix for this? It's in Version - 1.10.3 Pro.
Will Strohl

I'd suggest first upgrading Hotcakes to the latest version, which is 03.02.01 right now. Version 01.10.04 is not supported. Once you do, please try this again. I'm not sure that this specific issue is fully addressed, but it might be.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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