flojera thaqi
Im trying to find any plugin or any configuration for search module to make the search more advance with price, categories and products during all time.

Thank you.
Reto Cossalter
Not 100% sure if I understand your question.

These can be filtered with price and categories in the Category Viewer module (use "drilldown" view in the settings)
flojera thaqi
Yes, this was my question. Thank you.
Reto Cossalter
Great, happy to help!

Just be aware that currently there is an issue in drilldown view when no category is selected.
This issue is fixed by @ketangarala and is scheduled for 03.02.01 Release:
flojera thaqi
yes i saw it, but while i tried to view the code, i saw to that i don't have the controllers files in my Core folder. I thought that i don't have access. I made an temporary solution by make one main category and put all my categories in it.
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