Hi Guys,

What I have setup is a Product with a file upload option, when a user uploads a file and purchases the item an email gets sent to the "admin" and the admin should be able to click the file link and download / save.

Because the file link does not include the domain it links you too: /portals/1/Hotcakes/Data/OrderFiles/54897b91-1c55-4a76-9a39-4cdf35387c1e/4035215477c24695bbeef925031c1a9c/16864874_10212244247765218_744456128565890725_n.jpg

Which is broken because of no domain in link, How do i edit this token so I can add in the domain name to make the reciepts more user friendly for the admin?

P.S. if I do not make sense let me know,

Talk Soon
Jordan Marsh
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