Marnix Bouwman
So, we have products with downloadable items.
Can we add a link to them in the e-mail (order e-mail) or is this impossible?
Reto Cossalter
AFAIK you are limited to the predefined Tokens.
The only way (I know) to download the file is by going to your order history.
Will Strohl
You can see a listing of all of the available e-mail tokens in the documentation below:


In short, you can't display the download link in an e-mail easily, unless you choose to override the e-mail task in your own custom order workflow task. Documentation on custom workflows is below:


Then, you'd implement something like this, but inject the download link:


In closing, I'd like to say that we'd suggest against this approach since you lose the huge opportunity of additional branding, upsell/resell, value proposition, privacy/security, and analytics that you get by simply redirecting the customer back to your website to view and click on the download link. In general, it's always a best practice to keep sending your customers and prospective customers to your website for everything that you can.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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