Makhidi M
Hi all,
Can I change\add new options to the "Save Shopping Cart To" under Admin>Orders.
I want save shopping cart items in the database, can any one show me how do this or link to resources

Reto Cossalter
Hi Makhidi

The cart is always saved to the database. Check the AbandonedCarts Report to see all carts that have been created an not ordered: 

The cookie option just stores a cookie on the client computer with the cartid in it:
eg. Name: "hotcakes-cartid-1", Value: "18fdaa80-4b6d-4b17-94d9-1996091c4guc"
The session option stores the cartid in session.

Regards, Reto
Makhidi M
Hi all

Thanks to Reto Cossalter answer, now I know, the hcc_Order table contains orders and its details inside the hcc_LineItem table.
Will Strohl
Great stuff... I love seeing the community help each other out. 🙂
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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