Matt Rutledge
I have a product where the price is user supplied. It is essentially just a way for them to specify how much they are going to put on their credit card. We want to apply a 5% increase to the product total at checkout so if the user puts in $25 they are actually paying $26.25. Ideally, the checkout page would show a line item for the product and then a line item that says 5% with the additional $1.25. I have a promotion setup as a sale to increase the product price when the product SKU is 9900, however, the promotion never applies. Is there another way to apply the promotion to the order?
Matt Rutledge
I believe that this is an issue with the promotions code. It looks like it will always try to use the configured product price, which for a user supplied price is always $0. To work around this I have added a second user supplied price product that has a description of Processing Fee and add that to the cart in the Cart Integration Step. The downside I have with this approach is that the Processing Fee line item will not be removed from the cart when the other product is removed from the cart. Can anyone think of another way to do this?
Reto Cossalter
Hi Matt

Have you tried to create a bundle?
You can add the ProcessingFee Item as a bundle item and react to that in Cart Integration Step.
If you remove the user defined price item, you remove the ProcessingFee Item to (as it is bundled)

Regards, Reto
Matt Rutledge
I will try a bundle and see what happens. I really wish I could have done this with a promotion. I will have to see if that is expected behavior and if not submit a bug on GitHub.
Will Strohl
Creating a bundle is an interesting approach to this.

User supplied price products are purposefully ignored by the promotions engine logic. This is because the original use case for USP products is for donations. There's no reason to apply a promotion to donation-style products.

Another way to do this is to use the action delegate pipeline integration to add a product to the cart that represents the percentage markup you're looking for. This could also be a USP product, and you'd want to hide it from the categories.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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