I've setup UPS shipping for my site. I've set it to try all services because I'd like the customer to have the option of choosing which UPS service they'd like to use. The problem I'm running into is that HCC is only showing the rate for the Default service and not allowing the customer the option to choose the service.


If I setup another UPS shipping rate and select a different service as the Default service, I'm able to see more than 1 service. In my case since the customer is dealing with shipping heavy items that need to be shipped using UPS Freight, because I need to have the UPS Freight options show if the cart weight is greater than 150 lbs. I can't really setup a shipping rate for each service. Any ideas on how I can show all the available UPS services for the customer to choose?
Will Strohl
This is the default behavior of most of the shipping methods. You should create multiple shipping method instances for the various shipping options that you wish to support. This also allows you to manage their behavior using the grid (for sorting, hiding, and showing methods).

Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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