Carsten Vogelsang

I just learned about HCC yesterday. The extensive API connection makes the product very interesting, especially compared to NOP Commerce. Unfortunately, I still have some problems with the API.

An example:
When I try to update a product, I do not get back a ProductDTO object , but only the error message:
"Error SendRequest: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal server error. System | At Hotcakes.CommerceDTO.v1.Client.RestHelper.SendRequest (String serviceUrl, String method, String data, WebProxy proxy, Int32 timeout) \ r \ n at Hotcakes.CommerceDTO.v1.Client.RestHelper.SendWithData [T] (String uri , String method, String data)"

Nevertheless the product is updated on the server !!!

Here is the sample code:

var apiResponse = proxy.ProductsFindBySku("5702015876889");
if (apiResponse.Errors.Count == 0)
if (apiResponse.Content != null)
ProductDTO product = apiResponse.Content;
product.LongDescription = "Dies ist ein Test 2";
product.MetaKeywords = "LEGO, Spielzeug, Baustein";
ApiResponse<ProductDTO> productUpdateResponse = proxy.ProductsUpdate(product);
if (productUpdateResponse.Errors.Count == 0)
Console.WriteLine($"{product.Sku} - Update OK");
Console.WriteLine($"{product.Sku} - {productUpdateResponse.Errors[0].Description}");

Greetings from Germany
Will Strohl

Could you please confirm the version of Hotcakes API you're trying to use to get this result?
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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