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Is it possible to sell a product in two currencies. For example, product item X sells for £37 sterling or €40 euro. The customer may choose which currency they wish to pay in.

Two aliases to a site of and both pointing to the one shop.
Will Strohl
Hello Declan:

Thank you for your forum post!

Hotcakes doesn't have built-in support for multi-currency in the way you're asking today, but it might in the future. It's something that has been asked for from time-to-time over the years. It hasn't been added as a feature yet because (1) the effort behind adding this as a feature is formidable, and (2) most of the current user/prospect base doesn't have it as a requirement because most payment providers will only process a single currency. (I realize that this isn't as "black-and-white" for EU payment providers though.)

What some people have done is include a currency conversion API integration into their custom viewset that shows the conversion for the product price on the category, product, cart, and checkout views - but process the payment in a specific currency. This gives you a bit of both worlds... Customers of the website can see what they're going to pay, and the store owner can accept the currency that they need to accept with their payment provider.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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