We have a potential client project where they will need Cybersource setup as a Payment Gateway for Hotcakes. Does anyone else have a need for Cybersource?

If we can get a partner or two for the preparation, then we might post it to the community. Otherwise, if we fund the project, I'm thinking that we may post it to the DNN Store for purchase until it covers the dev costs.
Will Strohl
Hey Ryan:

I don't know if anyone else will have a different perspective, but I rarely come across Cybersource. Sorry. 😞
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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I know, us too... I believe that it's directed by their Bank of America corporate account, but being the merchant provider owned by Visa, I'd imagine it would have more presence than it does across the eCommerce world.

We'll definitely let everyone know if the project is approved for us to build it as a payment provider. But at the moment, it's on hold.
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