moslem pasokh
I have Installed dnn 9 and HC Module Package , and forked git project on my account , and like to co-operate to improve HC and DNN. but there is no good tutorial to how implement and participate. ( how match source code with dnn Website)
If there is a video tutorial for getting start to contribute in code , and send pull request and other works need to do .
moslem pasokh
after forke HCC Core project in git hub in clone that in Visual studio List of Solution Appeared in Team Explorer :
And When Open HotCake.sln i can Edit , And Pull Just C# code ,Not web forms and css . why they Dont added to Team Explorer for send pull request ?

Edited : I Have Founded Them in Hotcakes.Modules Project .
Will Strohl
What you're looking for can be found in the wiki on GitHub. 
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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