Francisco Pérez Andrés

We’re thinking about implementing our online store for selling magazines on Hotcakes, and we have some key questions:
1. Magazines will be sold as downloadable PDF (customer just pays, inputs name & email and downloads file) or as paper copy (customer inputs postal address and also gets downloadable PDF). Do we have to set two different products (one of them with non-shipping option, the other with shipping) or we can use just one product with paper & digital variants?
2. Magazines will be also sold on a membership basis. Will Hotcakes take charge of sending a message to the customer whose susbcription is near to expire, including link and/or instructions to renew it?
3. Is it possible to have a unique repository for downloadable files, which would serve both for the sale of individual items and for subscription customers?

Thank you,
Will Strohl
You can certainly include downloadable products in your store and you can even use the same product for shipping/non-shipping scenarios. You may end up also customizing the viewset though, depending on the use case you're trying to achieve. You can do unique files, common files, or both.



Recurring order/payment features are not yet built into Hotcakes. However, many people are supporting recurring payment type products (subscriptions) with Hotcakes (including us, Upendo). Most payment gateways support recurring payments and will perform the recurring invoices and notifications for you.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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