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Dear comunity,
i have to solve the following issue. A food delivery service want to sell some items on special days or times of a day based on local server time. The items are avaibl. all the time, but the lower price should just be visible during this timeframe. Outside the normal price should take place.
In my current ecommerce module this is not possible, so iam llooking for an alternative
Can Hotcakes handle it?
Kind regards
Will Strohl
This is a great question! The feature you're asking for can't be done out-of-the-box through configuration today, but it's been on the roadmap in the past, along with a large number of other promotion ideas.

If you want to do it today, it can still be done but would require a bit of development. You can create promotions that are inactive and have a scheduled job that turns them off and on at specific times/days by programmatically updating the promotion.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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Good approach Will! I was going to suggest something with promotions and getting them granular down to Time vs just Date, but turning on/off products... or for that matter, updating the price with scheduled job, or turning on/off promotions by scheduled job.

I like how this suggestion would achieve the action while not having to affect the core logic/process for promotions.
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