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I'm setting HCC for EU shop and here VAT number is used to print the VAT invoice after payment.
I've personalized 'VAT Invoice' email template and it is received after payment but I'm no able to understand and where to set the VAT number for the customer. I've added in the VAT Invoice email template the [[Order.VATRegistrationNumber]] token but I'm no able to understand where the customer is able to enter it!
After reading this article  I've also try in admin administration to add it by People> Customers populing 'Tax Exemption Number' field for the customer but the [[Order.VATRegistrationNumber]] remains empty.
I've try to fix it working around _CheckoutAddress.cshtml in my setted HotcakeViews but in the Hotcakes.Modules.Core.Models.CheckoutAddressViewModel it is not available any field about VAT.
I'm confused! How should I do? Am I doing something wrong?
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