Martyn Cook
I'm building a demo store in hotcakes to show to my clients.
It does not accept my email as valid. the email address is {myemail}

How can I get Hotcakes to recognise this as a valid email?

Martyn Cook

NOTE: I've just tried another of my email addresses, my work one, ({MyEmail} It doesn't recognise this one either!!!!

Does it only accept .com????
We have the same issue. If someone selects New Account the email is invalid, so customers have to choose Guest Checkout
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I have not encountered this problem.
Which Hotcakes version have you installed?
Have you tried with a clean DNN8 installation with Hotcakes modules packages?
Are you able to register the new user on  instead in checkout?
Martyn Cook
Does any one in the know have anything to say on this subject?
Will Strohl
I was able to verify this and created an issue to get it resolved in a future release. 
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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