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There is any difference between installing DNN 8.0.4 and Hotcakes 3.0.1 modules package or Hotcakes 3.0.1 installation packeges?
Yes, I can't speak to the specifics but in concept there are two paths:

A: DNN 8 + Hotcakes Modules 3.0.1
This path keeps the system as DNN and Hotcakes as modules within DNN

B: Hotcakes CMS 3.0.1
This path sets the system as "HotCakes"

At the moment, these two are almost the same... I'm sure there are some differences at this close starting point but I'm not aware of what they are at this time.

Long term, the concept is that these two things could diverge and become more different from each other. In concept, one day there could be additional (separate/external(?)) modules which could work in one but not in the other.

But at this time they're the same and 3rd-party modules should work in both reasonably the same.
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