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We are making a basic hotcakes webshop and we are seeing some problems with the category/list view and the Cart.
We have one product where we can see the details of from the Cart Module.
The url of this product is: 

The url's of the other product's are made up like this: 
Which leads to the homepage.

The same problem we have with the listview of all the products, it seems like the one product that works gets a SLUG send in the url and the other don't get that SLUG.

Is there a option that we are not seeing? I have sought differences between the working product and the not working products but I can't find an difference that could be the source.

If you need any more information, please ask me and I will try to answer as good as possible.

Matt Rutledge
Have you altered/created your own Viewset or are you using the default Hotcakes Viewset?
Have you set up a Product page in the CMS and added the Hotcakes Product View Module to that page? 
where Product is the page I have the Hotcakes Product View Module added to the page and the 6996 is my SKU.
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Hello Matt,

We have made a copy of the default Hotcakes Views folder to make our own.
I only added a view in the map for a more clean product page but I have not changed anything about the Cart of Category view..

Also, the link did not work even before I made a new product view..

This also happens in my cart but in my cart it leads to a empty page..
But the Product page also has a Product Viewer module, which should work.
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