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3.0.0 doesn't work (clean install), and 3.0.1 is not yet available, so I cannot test it myself.
Does HotCakes support many stores in different portals?
I.e. can I have one store in the main portal, and other stores in let's say child portals? Would this require any IIS configuration update (it shouldn't, at least for child portals)?
Can products be shared among stores in different portals?
Will Strohl
Hey Horatio:

Thanks for asking. We hope to get 3.0.1 out the door very soon. We ran into a couple of showstoppers, and they're actively being worked on right now.

Hotcakes does support many stores in the same instance of DNN. However, there isn't full support for child portals. This has always been an intentional decision in the past since Hotcakes wasn't really built for the kind of sites/clients that roll out websites in that manner.

There isn't yet a feature to share products across portals, but it's always been on the roadmap. There are ways to make this happen though, with a bit of code. One could easily build a DNN scheduled job that would copy the products from portal to portal. An admin UI could even be created to allow merchants to control when and how the products get copied. Though, if anyone were to do all of that work, it would be great to have it in the solution itself.

I've gone ahead and created this as an Issue to get it done one day. Feel free to collaborate on the Issue.


If you need any assistance in building this, please let us know.
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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