Vicenç Masanas
Is it possible to configure a product with a multiple level pricing scenario?
For example:
- Regular users - Price 1
- Dealers Type 1 - Price 2
- Dealers Type 2 - Price 3

The idea would be to map a price to a role I guess, so that users browsing the site see the price that applies to them.

Will Strohl
Absolutely. The only way to customize anything in any website though is to require some kind of authentication. In your example, the "regular users" would be anonymous visitors and they wouldn't need to authenticate. It would just be standard pricing, entered in the respective product(s).

As for the dealers, there are a number of ways to address this. You can do it based on promotions (security role and/or user account) and price groups. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so you would likely want to do a proof of concept on each to see which one best matches the project requirements. There are even other more creative ways to do this for edge cases.


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Promos can get a little heavy and clutter up your actual promos. Price groups seems like a good fit.

Like Will said, there are even more creative ways... I would be taking a look at User Supplied Price with an external data source if you already have third party management of them.


Happy coding!
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