Phil Perlman
Hi Folks,

I have a couple of startup Hotcakes sites looking to get started right away and we're wondering if anyone has developed an integration with an API provider other than Avalara AvaTax. Their pricing is incredibly high (in the thousands per year + setup/support just for API look-ups). Most startups can't justify this kind of expense.

We're in New York, and by law have to charge sales tax based on the destination address. Unfortunately a ZIP code table won't work because some ZIPs in NY cover multiple jurisdictions. Plus, we may not be aware of cases when tax rates change over time.

We're aware that we can code our own provider, but the client is interested in being up for the holidays and time is pressed with building out the site them and functionality.

Thank you for reading this!

Will Strohl
Whoa... The holidays are already here. Yikes!

I'd normally suggest that site updates for the holidays should be rolled out by Oct 1.

Anyhow, I'm not aware of anyone having created any alternatives to Avalara's Avatax service, but that doesn't mean such an alternative doesn't exist. Which one(s) are you targeting?
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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Phil Perlman
We'll they're just starting up, but luckily Hotcakes Commerce is pretty quick and easy to setup and customize :)

We have been reviewing a couple of different companies that provide address-level lookups:

  • [/list]

    If anyone is aware of other services, that would be great too. For the moment we'll have to stick with ZIP-based tax while we find another solution.
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