Phil Perlman
Hi All,

Is anyone else experiencing any issues?

All of a sudden after years of no issues we are now getting a PayPal Express checkout error:

Source:Paypal error number: 10410
Paypal Error: 'Invalid token' Message: 'Invalid token.' Values passed to GetExpressCheckoutDetails

I have tried issuing new API keys, but the issue persists. I switched to sandbox mode and tested and got the same error.

We were running HC v3.4.x and upgraded to HC v3.5, that didn't help. We also upgraded DNN from v9.6.1 to v9.8, and that didn't help either.

Any advice would be appreciated. I will also open a support request with PayPal but they usually like to point the finger back at the developer.
Will Strohl

This is the first I'm hearing of anyone having this issue. Do you see anything logged that appears to be related (in DNN and the store admin order)?

Just in case, you may want to review the integration to be sure that something didn't change that you're unaware of.


I don't know if you've gone through all of this yet, but these troubleshooting steps should hopefully help a bit too.

Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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Phil Perlman
With the help of PayPal we were able to narrow this down to the URL Management in DNN.

The token parameter was getting lowercased, so we had to add an expression in the "Prevent Lowercase URL Regular Expression" field. Adding (token) as the expression resolved the issue. Hopefully I've used a proper regex expression to handle it, but it does work.

Thanks for your feedback!
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