Reto Cossalter
Would there be interest in having different Email-Templates for the payment providers?
Eg: If you pay via PayPal you can send out the current Order Mail. But if someone pays via Invoice (or Cash) then we could send out a different Email, containing information how to buy.

I'm currently looking into the code that loads the template (EmailOrder.cs) and there are only two templates available: "Admin" and "Customer"
I'm thinking about to add some (optional) suffix by paymenttype like "Customer:PayPal", and change the template lookup to "template:suffix" --> "template" --> "default"

If we will implement something like this we want to build something to add to hotcakes as a standard. Thoughts about this change? Better ideas?

Will Strohl
That's definitely an interesting idea. I think instead of a completely different template, it may be a better approach to have different payment tokens that could inject payment-specific details into those other order/receipt e-mail templates. What do you think?
Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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Reto Cossalter
Hi Will

Thank you for your Answer! - Your idea sounds even better 👍.
Just to draw a picture of how the emails differ by type:

Subject: [[Store.StoreName]] - Invoice for Order [[Order.OrderNumber]]
Body: Thank you for your order [[Order.OrderNumber]]. Please pay the invoice total with the following information (Bank, Account, BIC, IBAN...)

Subject: [[Store.StoreName]] - Payment confirmend
Body: Thank you for your Order [[Order.OrderNumber]]

The only problem I see is, that the type of payment can differ within one provider. Say if the customer selects a provider, he can switch between invoice and creditcard during payment. So we would have to change the subject and body tokens according to the payment type selected.

So a subject template like [[Order.Paymenttype.Subject]] Would need multiple definitions accrding to the payment type used.
Subject definition would be
"[[Store.StoreName]] - [[Order.Paymenttype.Subject]]"
If the customer pays with credit card this would be substituted with
"[[Store.StoreName]] - [[Order.Paymenttype.CreditCard.Subject]]"
This would be substituted with
"[[Store.StoreName]] - Invoice for Order [[Order.OrderNumber]]"
and finally these tokens would be replaced..

Does this make sense?

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