Damian Black
Hi guys,

Wanting to be able to show discount prices on products on both the product category pages and the product details page, currently it shows the full price and it is not till you go to the cart/checkout that you see the discounted price via promotions.

Would really like to have the same functionality as WooCommerce where site price has a strikethrough and the Promotional price is shown with the savings, ie: 20% discount.
Reto Cossalter
Hi Damian

What version of Hotcakes are you using?
This feature is available in _default - ViewSet (at least in 3.x)

Use "DetailedList" in Category Viewer and "Index" in Product Viewer

The product template used in DetailedList is found in "Views/Shared/_RenderSingleProductDetailed.cshtml""

eg. If you want to display the savings in percent: @Html.Raw(Model.UserPrice.SavingsPercent)

Hope that helps
Damian Black
I changed the view to detailedlist and it still only shows the text price for the item, it actually only seems to do the promotional price when it's in the cart. Is there a function I can use to check if the product is in a promotion and then get the new discounted price?
Reto Cossalter
I'm not aware of a switch that changes the way discounts are handled.
What kind of promotion did you create?
Damian Black
A simple 'Sale Promotion', where we add multiple products and give them a percentage off discount.

In the cart it shows : July Catalogue 2018 -$4.63 discount, but it only shows once an item is in the cart the actual listing and details pages shows the full price.

Reto Cossalter
I just created a simple sale promotion on some products with a 10% price reduction and it works as it should (also with absolute amount): Strikethrough prices on list and detail view
There must be some problem with your (promotion) setup. What version of HC are you using?
Damian Black
We are using the Price Text field to display the price on the front-end as the list price is listed minus GST in the backend. Not sure if because is using the Price text field as to why it doesn't display the discount?
Reto Cossalter
The price text field can be used to display informations like "ask for a quote". The data type is a string and will (an can) therefore not be altered when discounts are applicable.

If you delete the price text, the amount should be correctly displayed in list and detail view.
Damian Black
Our issue is that we want to apply 10% GST to prices, if we put the prices as cost price minus 10% the prices are shown as all ext GST, but we want to display all prices as inc GST.

If I make all the prices inc GST and set apply VAT rules to off it seems to be ok, but it then adds the GST/VAT to the checkout.

VAT rules apply Off
Tax set to 10%
Product A = $10 inc GST, price in backend is $10.00 displays as $10 on the site and in the cart, but at checkout, it is making the total cost $11 as it is adding the GST on top of the price.

VAT rules apply On
Tax set to 10%
Product A = $9.09 ex GST, price in backend is $9.09 displays as $9.09 on the site and in the cart, but at checkout, it is making the total cost $10 as it is adding the GST on top of the price. This process seems correct but the display price throughout is not.

Is there a setting or such to display prices inc or ex tax on the listing and detail templates?

This is surely an issue for others, I know woo-commerce makes this process really easy.

Reto Cossalter
Hi Damian

I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but if you want a specific product not to apply GST why don't you create a 0% GST / VAT and apply that to the product?

Like this you have full control over the price and there will be no GST applied on checkout.
3ART Technologies
Did you get any solution, I face the same issue unable to get the discounted price at the product and category page
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