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14 Replies and 3117 Views and 1 Subscribers SQL Server 2012 Installation Issues  3117  14  1 Started by  Ezudin
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Hello, I'm having troubles installing Hotcakes. The install wizard says 'ERROR: Hotcakes Commerce requires SQL 2012 (express or full product) to work' although I have SQL 2012 (express) already installed. Tried to find solution but no success so far. Does anyone has solution for this kind of error Thanks,
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by  Will StrohlJump to last post
7/11/2017 1:24 PM
3 Replies and 1236 Views and 1 Subscribers Role entry issue  1236  3  1 Started by  Akash Hello, when create a new page or create new user getting below error. I have also compare with my dot net nuke version then i found one issue. In role table not create administrators or register,etc...roles not found. So, how to resolve this issue InnerMessage:Object reference not set to an instance of an object. InnerStackTrace: at DotNetNuke.Security.Permissions.Controls.PermissionsGrid.c__DisplayClass82_0.b__0(RoleInfo r) at System.Linq.Enumerable.All&91;TSource&93;(IEnume...
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by  Will StrohlJump to last post
7/11/2017 1:07 PM
1 Replies and 766 Views and 0 Subscribers In Dot Net Nuke 9.1 with HCC3 there are two assemblies  766  1  0 Started by  Kurt When installing HCC3 on Dot Net Nuke 9.1 It works well, but I get TWO .dll, one dotnetnuke and the other is HCC-CMS-related. I assume this is why HCC3 works on Dot Net Nuke 9.1. I put hudge amount of efforts to understand all the pieces and why HCC3 works on Dot Net Nuke 9.1. But really I need more information about the major (infrastructure related) decisions: maybe a graph of all the related components!
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by  AdrianJump to last post
7/6/2017 1:37 PM
0 Replies and 660 Views and 0 Subscribers Role creation issue  660  0  0 Started by  Akash Getting Below issue: AbsoluteURL:/Default.aspx DefaultDataProvider:DotNetNuke.Data.SqlDataProvider, DotNetNuke ExceptionGUID:bc156480-6661-4d1c-96d0-9b606fae71a1 AssemblyVersion:3.0.0 PortalId:0 UserId:1 TabId:61 RawUrl:/Admin/Site-Settings/ctl/Tab/activeTab/settingTabpopUp=true Referrer:http://www.dnnhot.com/Admin/Site-Settings UserAgent:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36 ExceptionHash:WWHQWlxe5uKrfF/...
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6/23/2017 6:58 AM
1 Replies and 856 Views and 1 Subscribers Issues Executing SQL During Installation  856  1  1 Started by  Lee Hinman The FAQ has 'When you install and run Hotcakes Commerce, it’s a complete e-commerce CMS solution now, and not just e-commerce.' NO where are any instructions available to as to to how to get the CMS to run the install SQL. I modified the web.config with a new blank DB & still get the message 'This is embarrassing! It looks like you caught us in the middle of applying some updates. We'll be done soon. Please come Back in a few minutes.' A normal DNN CMS ask for the Site INFO & DB, but IT IS...
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by  Will StrohlJump to last post
6/16/2017 1:50 PM
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