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  • Hotcakes Commerce 3.0.1 Released!

    We are pleased to announce the official release of Hotcakes Commerce 3.0.1. This maintenance release comes on the heels of Hotcakes Commerce 3.0.0, a major release where the product was made available for the first time under an open source software license. The primary goals of the 3.0.1 maintenance release is to improve the integrity and reliability of the product and create new opportunities for Hotcakes to be deployed in a wider range of environments.

  • Become A Hotcakes Partner!

    Hotcakes Partner Program

    The Hotcakes Partner program is designed for organizations who are utilizing the Hotcakes Commerce open source product as part of their website design, custom software development, or implementation service offerings for customers. Hotcakes Partners are featured in the official Partners directory on and also get a variety of other valuable benefits.

  • Join The Hotcakes Community!

    Hotcakes Commerce Community

    Hotcakes is a robust e-commerce CMS solution which was recently released under an open source license. In order to build a strong foundation for our open source community, we have created a variety of ways for people to contribute.

  • Hotcakes is now an Open Source E-Commerce CMS

    Hotcakes Commerce is an Open Source E-Commerce CMS

    Luckily, today isn’t the first of April, so this isn’t a typo or a trick. As of today, the only e-commerce solution that has been solely focused on making e-commerce easier for everyone is now open source – free for everyone to download, use, and deploy as their online store.

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