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Hotcakes Partner Program

The Hotcakes Partner program is designed for organizations who are utilizing the Hotcakes Commerce open source product as part of their website design, custom software development, or implementation service offerings for customers. Hotcakes Partners are featured in the official Partners directory on and also get a variety of other valuable benefits.

In order to become a Partner you simply need to have at least 2 employees in your organization who are registered on the website, and 1 active Hotcakes implementation that you can provide as a reference in the Hotcakes Showcase. If you already have these qualifications, then you can use the Manage Your Partnership option on the Partner directory page to submit and manage your Partner Account including your business name, logo, tagline, URL, contact information, etc...

In order to provide an equal opportunity and appropriate incentives for all program members, the Hotcakes Partner program uses a merit based approach. Partners are ranked based on their recent contributions to the Hotcakes open source community. Contributions are based on points that a partner's employees are awarded for performing a variety of different activities within the open source community. For example, a partner may have an employee who is helping out users with technical questions in the Hotcakes Forums as well as another employee who is doing content marketing activities for their business on Twitter related to #HotcakesCommmerce. In this case the partner would get the benefit of both types of contribution and their rank within the Partner directory would reflect their efforts.

In addition to the listing within the official Partner directory, Partners also get access to a private Partner Portal where they can download sales collateral, logos, etc... to help them be more effective in their Hotcakes business activities.

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Shaun Walker is a Practice Area Partner and Innovation Lead at Arrow Digital, LLC. He is also the original creator of DotNetNuke, the most widely adopted open source CMS on the Microsoft platform, and Chairman of the .NET Foundation Advisory Council.

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