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Last Post 2/27/2018 10:58 AM by  Scippy
What is the best (official) place to download installer/upgrade zips
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1/1/2018 12:16 PM
    There's been transition from being a traditional corporate paid solution where the best/only place to download Hotcakes was through the Hotcakes website. In that location, previously, you could download the
    - New Install (module solution) versions 1x-2x
    - Upgrade (module solution) versions 1x-2x
    Then, more recently, you could also download from this location
    - New Install Package (full cms solution) version 3, 3.0.1 ""
    - Upgrade Package (full cms solution) version 3, 3.0.1 ""
    - Module Package (module soltuion) version 3.0.1 ""

    When things were released to Github, I imagined that the most recent up-to-date files would reside there and that Github would become the authoritative location to download the newest version of installers and upgrades.

    I notice, though, that today (1/1/18) that the Releases in the Github location are for source code only, and possibly with no install releases?
    - core 3.0.0 - though this seems to be source for the full CMS solution / project
    - cms (0 releases) though notes imply this is just the "underlying cms", not the same thing as the "CMS version" of hotcakes, is this is just base DNN?
    - modules (0 releases)

    [list=1][*] So what's an outline/description for our expected use of Github going forward?

    [*] Should those terms seen in Github of "core" "cms" and "module" be revised to match the current naming of the install packages where "Core Install" means the module solution intended to install on top of an existing DNN 8 instance and "CMS Install" means the hotcakes cms full solution version? Those terms seem to be swapped between the naming of the installers and the Github wording.

    * Also, I ask this because I'm not sure where to post issues in Github when I see something... with the difference between terms of "core" vs "cms" and seemingly conflicting uses of those words, it's unclear where to post an issue...

    [*] Where do we go if we want to download an old installer for fresh install/upgrade of HotCakes?[/list]

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    2/26/2018 1:49 PM
    wow, no input on this from the community yet?

    Have I asked a question with an obvious answer and didn't realize it?

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    2/27/2018 10:58 AM
    Now I'm able to find latest releases on this link
    But Yes! I join this question!...and also ... where to find the oldest releases?
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