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Last Post 1/16/2018 5:36 PM by  Accuraty / Jeremy
Upgrading from Hotcakes 1x or 2x to Hotcakes 3x (Module Version)
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1/2/2018 2:58 PM
    As of late Fall 2017, we had two available paths to take for Hotcakes 3.0.1
    [b][list][*]Path A - Full CMS Hotcakes 3x
    [*]Path B - Module Version New install Hotcakes 3.0.1[/list][/b]
    In order to upgrade an older Hotcakes instance of perhaps Hotcakes 1.10 or Hotcakes 2.0.8 the direction isn't exactly clear... at least by the names of the files.

    [b]Path A - Transitioning to Hotcakes CMS (full cms version)[/b]

    We could proceed to perform an upgrade with the Path A option with an Upgrade file/installer:
    [indent]There was a 3.0 version
    and then the newer[/indent]
    I believe that these are used as though you were doing a DNN upgrade, so that you unzip and overwrite the full root of the DNN instance and then follow a standard DNN upgrade process with the UpgradeWizard.

    Once complete, you would be running a version Hotcakes CMS.

    [b]Path B - Upgrading Hotcakes 3x (retaining HC Module Version + DNN)[/b]

    The direction here isn't as clear (or it's not released yet?)
    At the moment, there is only the Hotcakes Core file
    which is intended to be used in a clean, fresh install of Hotcakes 3.0.1 to a DNN 8.4 instance. This file isn't meant to be used for an upgrade (but we will give it a try and report back how it goes!).

    I'm reposting Jeremy Farrance's question posted to the release blog post,

    [quote][i][indent]Hopefully I am missing something obvious, but it seems like there should be 4, not 3, downloads on the Community Download page. I am finally needing to upgrade a client's HCC from 1.10.x to 3.00.01 (they are on DNN 8.00.04). It seems like I need to find Hotcakes_03.00.01_Core_Upgrade..., but near as I can tell that doesn't seem to exist. I only see CMS Install or CMS Upgrade, and Core Install. What am I missing or misunderstanding? If I have HCC 1.10x on DNN 8+, how do I get to HCC 3.00.01?

    - Jeremy Farrance

    I'm creating this post as I begin to go through this process for several HC instances we have and I'll post notes and solutions as it proceeds. If you have suggestions, steps, files or notes, please share them in this post.


    1/2/2018 11:24 PM
    Thanks for getting this where it belongs Ryan!!

    Veteran Member

    1/12/2018 5:40 PM
    Our standard QA process always tested incremental upgrades, but it didn't necessarily include leapfrog upgrade scenarios. Also, the 3.0.1 release wasn't released by the normal people and didn't follow any of our typical processes as a result. There are a few things that weren't handled, but all of my upgrades from 1.xx and 2.xx to version 3.xx have been successful and can be uneventful, depending on the version of DNN you're upgrading on. In some cases, you'll need to update the MVC version in the viewset web.config.

    There's also all of the other standard upgrade steps to follow:
    Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures Hotcakes Cloud | Get Support | Code Support Official Cloud & Support provider for Hotcakes

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    1/13/2018 12:50 AM
    Thanks Will!

    Being sure to step through from 1.10 up to a 2x and then to a 3 in steps is a good tip... as yet, I've left any of our HotCakes instances at the 1.x level or 2.x level and didn't cross from one to another... but now the goal is to get all to 3x! I'll read through your earlier upgrade steps blog post for more info, thanks.

    The main point of the earlier question, though, is that to-date, there as only been an Install package file released... we have not seen an Upgrade package file... are you implying that we should use the Install-named package to perform an Upgrade ?

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    1/16/2018 4:50 PM
    The upgrade package you see only applies when using the e-commerce CMS distribution. You should only use the "core" package for module upgrades (not using the e-commerce CMS distro).
    Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures Hotcakes Cloud | Get Support | Code Support Official Cloud & Support provider for Hotcakes
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