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Last Post 8/30/2021 8:29 PM by  Will Strohl
[[Order.ShippingMethod]] email token not working v3.5.0
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8/29/2021 8:12 PM
    When the customer selects Paypal as their payment method the token to display the shipping method they have chosen and paid for does not display in either the Order New Receipt or the Admin Order Receipt.

    [list][*]This token has worked(and continues to do so) in previous versions of HCC

    This is a clean install of HCC 3.5.0 not an upgrade.

    We have attempted using the default email templates and also our previously modified templates that are currently working on earlier version of HCC to the same end result.

    This token works fine if the customer pays with a method other than Paypal. [/list]

    Any assistance here is resolving this would be appreciated as we are assisting an essential services store to be able to offer both click n collect and contactless delivery options.


    Veteran Member

    8/30/2021 8:29 PM
    This sounds like it may be a missing localization token after upgrading. I'd suggest comparing your current localization files in your custom viewset to those found in a clean installation. Since the value is empty, the most likely cause of this issue is either the token is missing entirely, or it's misspelled in the localization file.

    You may want to do this, in general, to be sure your merging process after upgrades hasn't missed any other updates and localization tokens.

    Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures Hotcakes Cloud | Get Support | Code Support Official Cloud & Support provider for Hotcakes
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