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Last Post 7/27/2017 2:22 AM by  Adrian
Custom CMS Modules
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7/27/2017 2:22 AM
    Occasionally you may want to customize your user experience in between the shopping experience.

    While the customer facing views are written in MVC/Razor for HCC, this tech is somewhat new within the CMS. I do encourage you to learn it, and perhaps leverage some of your own concepts, but you still have the option of building a webform module and consuming the HCC libraries server side.

    For those of you curious, take a peek here on how to build custom modules.

    From time to time you may be faced some type of enrollment or needed user interaction outside of shopping UX prior to checkout and a quick webform to collect some information and modify an order property to be used later during shopping experience. This method is very effective if you aren't needing to build out a complete new model and controller. Simply consuming the order object will allow you bind the properties to a ASP.NET control quickly and effectively.

    Feel free to provide an example scenario and I'd be happy to share some code.

    Happy Coding!
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