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Last Post 6/26/2021 8:59 PM by  MooreCreative
Database - What does HotCakes use the DNN Journal table for?
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6/26/2021 8:59 PM
    I have some SQL queries that we run on schedules or have stored in the DNN SQL window so that we can run them when cleaning up a site. Here's an example set

    [code=sql]-- General DNN maintenances
    TRUNCATE TABLE sitelog
    --truncate table eventlog
    DELETE FROM EventLog;
    TRUNCATE TABLE Exceptions;
    -- or DELETE FROM Exceptions;
    TRUNCATE TABLE ExceptionEvents;
    TRUNCATE TABLE schedulehistory;
    --OR for schedule history, clear out all but recent month
    -- DELETE FROM schedulehistory WHERE DATEDIFF(dd,EndDate,GETDATE())>30
    -- possibly add
    --TRUNCATE TABLE ExportImportJobLogs

    -- for HotCakes Sites
    TRUNCATE table hcc_AnalyticsEvents;
    TRUNCATE table hcc_SearchQuery;[/code]

    You'll notice the Hotcakes AnalyticsEvents and SearchQuery which can get huge in a heavy activity site... the end clients don't use the data, so we clear them often before doing backups, etc.

    Anyhow, while looking at the bigger tables in an instance, I noticed that the DNN core table "Journal" had loads of records, all of them with Hotcakes related data. So the question is, [b]What does Hotcakes use the DNN Journal table for?[/b]

    It looks like there is a record for every product that was created in Hotcakes and is tied to the UserID of perhaps the person who created the product? There's also a url that could be the product page url

    Just curious if anyone has seen this or if Will might share some history about it.
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