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Our community has built many amazing online stores using our favorite open source e-commerce CMS. The possibilities are endless - from B2B to B2C, memberships to retail. No vertical or idea seems to be out of reach.
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Campus Fire Safety

The Center for Campus Fire Safety (The Center) is a non-profit, membership based, organization devoted to reducing the loss of life from fire at our nation's campuses.

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DRT Ammo

At DRT™ we are proud to introduce to you revolutionary lead free, penetrating frangible ammunition in time proven calibers. DRT's Terminal Shock™ line of ammunition is comprised of either a copper powder metal core or a tungsten powder metal core - which is then wrapped in a copper jacket.

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Upendo Ventures

We use technology to help businesses change people's lives. We do this by providing consulting, training, and development services. We're also the official provider of the Hotcakes Cloud and On Premise SLA for Hotcakes Commerce.

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Buckmasters is a nearly 30-year old association for hunters in the U.S., and is most commonly known for their popular magazine that can be found on newstands at nearly any store in the nation. Today, Buckmasters also creates television and video content and remains the number one source for anything deer hunting.

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Microdesk is a nationwide leader and largest provider of technical services to the AECO industry. They have 11 offices and 100 employees. They are partnered with some of the most high profile software manufacturers, including Autodesk, Oracle, Google, and ESRI. Their Hotcakes Commerce implementation allows them to sell their training materials and services online, including a seamless integration with GoToMeeting.

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Troxler Labs

Since 1958, Troxler has been the worldwide leader in precision quality control and measurement equipment for the highway and construction industries. We are dedicated to providing full service, training, and maintenance support for all our products through our international sales and support offices in the US, Canada, Germany and through our 50 distributors around the world.

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OnyakTech is a provider of website implementation and website & app development solutions.

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Trigger Point

Trigger Point Performance Therapy makes it easy to take care of your body. Restore and maintain natural ease of movement with Trigger Point products

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United Sport Apparel

United Sport Apparel has over 65 years of experience providing the highest quality in hand-crafted custom sports apparel for teams, businesses and professionals. Our custom letterman jackets are hand-made in the United States, using only the finest wool and leather materials, highest quality stitching, a wide variety of colors and hundreds of chenille patches and varsity letters.

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GM Store Insure

GM Insurance Brokers Ltd were established in 2004. Over the years, we have established a solid reputation within the insurance industry and with our clients.

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