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Your Fresh Plate of Hotcakes 1.6 is Ready

Your Fresh Plate of Hotcakes 1.6 is Ready

It’s always a pleasure to be able to deliver more deliciousHotcakes to you… Today is no different. We have so many yummy updates that you are sure to enjoy. The highlights alone are enough to make thisbatch enough to satisfy the sweet tooth of nearly any e-commerce site.

Our major focuses this release included additional payment methods, extensibility, and stabilization. Speaking of stabilization… Wewant to thank our partners and customers that participated in the betaprocess. You have helped us ensure that this release is extra-stacked full of goodness.

As always, please test your upgrades on a development version of your site first. Be sure to back-up prior to upgrade, and merge any noted viewset changes as desired. We are not responsible for any Hotcakes that get spilled on the floor.

You can always download the latest Hotcakes release and other related downloads from our download page.


Gift Card Support

Moneris Payment Gateway

Product Relationshipby BVIN's

  • Merchants can now find products related to oneanother based on their BVIN. This willallow for easier associations of related product when merchants are importing theirproduct line.

Localize Payment Method Names

  • In the efforts to bring continued Localizationto Hotcakes we have applied updates to the payment method names of thecheckboxes in Admin > Settings > Payment Methods.


These are the latest enhancements that have been added to make your store run better for merchants and customers alike.

10945 – Add Option to Change Parent Category - Parent Categories can now be changed easilythrough the category edit view.

13671 – Create LineItem Free Shipping Promotion – Ability to create promotions that allow foronly specific line items to qualify for and receive a shipping discount.

12460 – ProductRelationshipsREST API Delete Exception – Generate developer-friendly notifications whena REST API product relationship deletion exception occurs,

13657 – Category DrillDown Results Not Sorting Issue – Enable the drill down results to sort inthe same manner that a merchant lists them in the administration

13581 – Checkout shippingdiscount label usability – The checkout displays the original anddiscounted prices and now the original prices will show as a strike-throughstyle to convey that the discounted value is the one that has been applied

12720 – Log Messagesfor FedEx & UPS Diagnostics – Messages have been enabled in the log to allow the merchant to troubleshoot the FedEx and UPS shipping providers.

10275 – Remove productsfrom categories that are hidden – Users are now able to remove productsfrom categories that are hidden using the admin interface

12465 – Product Inventoryout of stock level is not saved in the REST API – Enhanced the REST API so that it a developer can see if a product is out of stock quantity wise

12467 – Allow Product Inventory updates to occur in REST API – Enhance the REST API to allow a merchant to see inventory updates in the store admin when a developer utilizes the RESt API

12479 – Send Nullmessage when product volume discount is missing – Notification to the userwhen a product volume discount is missing so that the user can addressappropriately

13587 – Customer Cannot Apply Gift Card to Purchase Gift Cards – Customers will not be allowed to use a gift card to purchase another gift card.

Bug Fixes

This is a list of some of those little things that have beenannoying you recently. Yeah...  We fixed that.

  • 12652– Fixed FindAuthForOrder Error using Server-Side API
  • 8571 –Fixed issues with order-level shipping promotions
  • 12821– Taxes with VAT rules are not calculated correctly when negative value customoffer is applied
  • 7134 –Able to specify product rating even if "Allow Product Rating" isdisabled
  • 12206– ProductOptions Delete End Point is not found
  • 12258– Importing Products doesn't maintain category hierarchy
  • 12454– Taxation of orders with order level discounts is not correct when Avalara isdisabled
  • 7999 –Promotion (where is "Adjust Shipping by...% Percent" qualification) -doesn't work.
  • 8648 –Order total can be a negative number when an offer has a discount that is morethan the total order price
  • 12230– Only first 100 orders are shown in customer`s Order History
  • 13265– Order summary hangs when creating new account on checkout
  • 12734– Cannot find coupons in cart using server-side API
  • 12748– Discount can make line item, shipping or order total negative value
  • 12302– Category views did not accurately display product inventory status under someconditions
  • 12455– Taxation of orders that are partially paid with reward points was not correct
  • 13330– Rewards Points can be used to pay for taxes and shipping
  • 13319– Error on Affiliate Dashboard after registration
  • 13169– Approved PO's do not update the Dashboard Sales Summary
  • 12634– Google Commerce scripts not in page markup
  • 12569– CustomerAccountDTO Create exception with empty Billing/Shipping Address
  • 12570– ProductInventoryUpdate does not update inventory level for variants
  • 7955 –Password Retrieval is not enabled on "Guest Checkout" screen.
  • 12469– Cached versions of JavaScript are used after HCC upgrade
  • 13354– REST API Makes Order Totals Zero
  • 13775– Rate Table by Item Shipping Line Item Promotion Calculation Incorrect
  • 13562– Admin does not get E-mail of template "Admin Order Receipt"automatically
  • 13573– User Tokens Not Supported in Some Email Templates
  • 12623– Cannot return a collection of product reviews

Viewset Changes

Viewset changes unfortunately happen with every release aswe add new default features, fix bugs, address browser compatibility issues, and so on. As you might imagine, some ofthese updates are “nice to have” while others are very necessary updates foryou too.

In the very least, you should always review the Cart andCheckout updates when there are any. These are two areas that can directly affect how well your store isperforming.

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