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Have you ever called a Customer Service number, asked a simple question and felt like the agent was reading from a script? We have all been there and even if we felt that our question was answered we rarely leave the conversation truly satisfied with our experience. At Hotcakes Commerce we know how important good customer support is and that is why we have built a team of experts to provide our clients with the support they deserve. Our support team is well versed in the platform. To be honest, they breath, sleep, and eat Hotcakes. With Hotcakes Support you will never think our support team is reading from a script or struggling to get you an answer. We are here to help you get everything out of Hotcakes Commerce. You can count on us for...   

·        Access to our real-time web-based support

·        Access to our real-time knowledge-base

·        Call-in help where you can talk to a real person

·        Email and phone support with a 4-hour response time during business hours.

Hotcakes Commerce Knowledge-base section is part of our paid support area and is a great place to review other users’ questions to see if you are heading down the same path or have encountered the same road block. Searching the knowledge-base is an easy keyword search.

Whether you have paid support or not, the Hotcakes Commerce Community is a great resource for your support needs. We have done our best to provide a great place for you to work with other companies and system implementer's that are trying to do the same thing you are.

Have any questions about Hotcakes Support? No problem, just ask in our Community section.    

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