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Why your e-commerce site needs to be mobile ready.

As most of us know the business landscape is changing. This includes how people access the web and conduct commerce. Each year we see increases to the number of purchases made using mobile devices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  We saw a 40% increase on mobile purchases from 2011 to 2012 and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Latitude Research conducted a survey of 900 smartphone users and 590 tablet users and came up with several statistics related to shopping using these devices. The results found that 63% of current smartphone users plan to make a purchase using their smartphone over the next few years. The key factors that drive this idea include saving time and money while multitasking. 

While most customers still visit brick and mortar stores, the survey shows that 60% of them use their smartphone to conduct product research, price comparisons or similar activities.  All of this data points to one thing: e-commerce sites need to be mobile ready and include product reviews and more.  

Hotcakes Commerce is mobile ready out of the box thanks to its responsive design. Your design team is able to use the default template or leverage it as a starting place for best practices in responsive design. By adding Hotcakes Social to your package you will be able to offer customers product reviews which will increase the chances of customers finding your site while doing product research using their mobile phones at brick and mortar stores.

Another great feature of Hotcakes Commerce is our single-page checkout which is beneficial to the consumer both on desktop and mobile. Your customers will be able to research and purchase a product in your store in a few short steps. Also thanks to responsive design your mobile site will look just a clean and crisp as it does on a desktop.  

If you have any questions about our responsive design visit our Community

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